About Us

Our Vision is:
To Achieve the first place in West Asia region labels 

Our Mission is:
To provide superior quality and highly competitiveness commodities for our clients 

Our Strategy is:
-To Put the clients first, so training and empowerment the staff -as a first role -are the main strategy of the company, we believe ‘Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first’. NTGroup seeks powerful, creative, questioner, persistent and yet commitment personals.

-Providing the ability to produce a variety of labels using the latest technology and know-how.




you can count on us for any questions, new solutions, price comparing, samples or whatever you may need in the label area. We are the consultant of our client first and  always open to new possibilities and new agreements with them and we really hope  establishing mutual beneficial business relationships.

For any enquiry please contact NTG and we will meet your demands ASAP.

Sales Office:
Tehran - Iran  marvi@naghshetooba.com

Düsseldorf - Germany  marvi@dena-international.de